DSilva-k                  DEUTSCH

Joyce D’Silva

Animal welfare is about the quality of an animal life

People use animals in many ways, for food, clothing, experimentation, pleasure, etc. Animals suffer in appalling ways in factory farms. Of course it’s far better from the animals’ point of view to be reared on a free range or organic farm. Here they will have social and physiological opportunities to enjoy. But, as with all animal farming, their li- ves will end with a knife to the throat.
I became a vegan over forty years ago because I could find no ethical justification for eating animals or their products. I just can’t be part of it for myself. But I can work hard to improve their lives. As long as animals are farmed we should do everything we can to improve the quality of their lives.
Animal welfare is not unlike human welfare: being able to live a life without undue fear, have access to nutritious and sufficient food and water, live in a comfortable environment and carry out their normal social activities.